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Your not alone. Many scour bulletin boards; looking for reassurance from others, some double down and opt to buy more shares, whilst others just bury their head in the sand. Luckily for you, you’re now 1 step closer to having a solid, data-backed plan.

Your not alone. Many scour bulletin boards; looking for reassurance from others, some double down and opt to buy more shares, whilst others just bury their head in the sand. Luckily for you, you’re now 1 step closer to having a solid, data-backed plan.

Paul Scott

The Small Cap Value Report

Robbie Burns

The Naked Trader

"I have now got a portfolio which is diversified across market cap sizes and sectors. I’ve also gained a way of buying, selling and monitoring my investments with confidence. I am currently obtaining a double-digit annualised return and consistently beating the FTSE 100."

Howard, Stockopedia Subscriber

Stockopedia subscribers have used this strategy and adapted it to their own requirements to achieve some truly phenomenal results. 

"My investing is now much more structured and the results more measurable. My level of worry is reduced and I feel better able to structure my portfolio without needing to thrash around for something to buy. I'm on course for an excellent year, achieving over 15% returns.

John, Stockopedia Subscriber


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The StockRanks™ are based on a set of factors proven to find winning stocks over decades of research by Nobel Prize winning academics

In a recent survey of 1,143 subscribers, 73% said the StockRanks were the feature that most contributed to their outperformance

*December 2017 survey of Stockopedia Subscribers.

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