Revealed: Lessons for investors from an in-depth analysis of 258 IPOs

  • Arm yourself with data-driven insights to help you make better decisions around the next 'hot' IPO
  • Discover how to quickly check if an IPO is worth further consideration, or is one to avoid at all costs
  • From an analysis of 258 IPOs between 2016-2021

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Discover crucial insights into how IPOs perform after listing

There are few events in the stock market that are quite as highly anticipated as Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). The excitement of a new listing, the rush of trading activity that follows, and the hype and the headlines from the financial press all serve to draw retail investors in. But what are retail investors really being sold?

Once the dust has settled are you left holding the next big stock market winner, or shares in a company you barely know, that have been sold to you by those with a vast informational edge?

In The IPO Survival Guide, the team at Stockopedia answers the question of how to approach IPOs. This guide summarises an extensive research project we conducted, comprising 258 IPOs over a five year period from January 2016 to May 2021. From that, we’ve been able to uncover unique insights into the world of IPOs that you can implement straight away to make better and more informed investment decisions. 

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Recent policy changes in the UK means that we're seeing more big brands choosing to list on the London Stock Exchange, giving private investors a potentially exciting opportunity to invest in the businesses of tomorrow. 

IPOs are a crucial part of financial markets, allowing companies to transition from private to public and unlocking precious access to capital. For existing investors, IPOs can be a lucrative time to exit. For investment banks and advisers, they can be hugely profitable. For institutional investors, they can provide early entry into new stocks at knockdown prices. 

For individual investors, the benefits are much less clear: Are IPOs an opportunity to buy into cutting edge multibagger opportunities, or are they a mechanism for savvy insiders to offload ex-growth companies at nose-bleed valuations? The answer, as you’ll find in this report, is a bit of both.... 

With this research, we've uncovered the key lessons from the performance of 258 IPOs between 2016 and 2021 - arming you with the insights you need to make confident choices when presented with the next potential 'hot' IPO. 

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We've compiled the answers to several key questions, including:

  • How do IPOs perform over the short and long term?

  • Do IPOs in certain sectors outperform?

  • Is there a way to identify IPOs with a better chance of success? 

  • Are there any IPOs you should always avoid?

  • Exclusive additional insights from interactive investor: How do individual investors approach IPOs? 

Revealed: Lessons for investors from an in-depth analysis of 258 IPOs

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