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And so much more to help you improve your decision making on investment opportunities:

Review comprehensive fundamentals at-a-glance with the acclaimed StockReports

Find good, cheap, improving stocks fast with the StockRanks™

Expert stock market research from the best commentators on the web

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Like other Shares for Beginners listeners, you know that investing in the stock market isn't gambling. But by consistently picking 'story stocks' - and making decisions based on nothing more than gut instinct, tips, or rumour - it can certainly feel that way.  

Stockopedia helps you focus on substance over storiesWith essential insights and easy-to-use research tools, you'll quickly uncover the truth about every stock in the market

With Stockopedia, over 15,000 DIY investors globally have transformed the way they invest. Join us today, and discover everything you need to make your own investing decisions, for less.

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Fine-tune your portfolio's exposure to risk and reward with Style and Risk Classifications.

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  • Learn why most investors aren’t really tracking their true investing performance (and how their returns suffer as a result) with our guide to Time-Weighted Returns.

  • Bonus: You'll also access our latest in-house research into IPOs, revealing crucial insights to help you make better decisions around the next 'hot' IPO.

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Find higher-probability stocks more quickly and easily than ever

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By standing on the shoulders of Investing giants, utilising their insights to drive our highly visible StockRank rating, we not only learn about what works when investing, but we also understand the pitfalls so many make when creating a diversified portfolio.

Brent understood this, that is why he went down the path of becoming a conscientious DIY investor, however he knows that a craftsman is only as good as the tool he uses, Stockopedia can help bridge the gap by putting the power

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The "Strategy Map" ebook

The Strategy Map ebook authored by Founder Ed Croft and Investment Education editor Megan Boxall covers the science and history behind Stockopedia's Factor based methodology and discusses how investors can harness its power.

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Discover how to value the best stocks and buy them for less than they’re worth.

Roger Montgomery's best-selling value investing guide book for the stock market,, sets out his three simple steps for value investing and online trading. Use Stockopedia to help you follow them yourself and you too cannot help but do well.

Roger Montgomery is the Founder and Chairman of Montgomery Investment Management. Roger has over three decades of experience in funds management and equities analysis.